What is a funeral order of service?

A funeral order of service is a booklet given to people as they enter the venue and take a seat. It provides a schedule of the funeral, in the order of events and often provides a short summary of the life of a loved one. 

An order of service will include hymns, readings, photographs, wake and donations details, and also give attendees something to cherish and have as a keepsake. It will also give family and friends who can’t attend the funeral something for them to treasure forever. 

What size should the order of service be?

The most common size order of service is A5, stapled and around 8 pages. Although there isn’t the right size order of service, at Beautiful Goodbye we believe that our tri-fold design is the best size, the best layout and also allow you to see all the ceremony schedule on one page. 

What should be included in the funeral order of service?

The order of service should include a schedule of the ceremony. This will usually include the following sections:

  • Photos
  • Full name
  • Date of birth and date of death
  • Hymns
  • Readings
  • Charity details
  • Wake details

How much funeral stationery should I get printed?

Beautiful Goodbye suggests that you print 20% more items than the estimated amount of people who will be attending. This will allow you to cater for anyone who turns up via word of mouth and also means you’ll have some leftover afterwards that can be framed, cherished and passed down generations.